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The perfect item if you want to add a beautiful touch to your Bathroom .simple design with an extreme hand-made skill of the Moroccan artist that we work with.
Available in other finishes to match your home style.

Brass Sink 
Bone and resin design 
Moroccan bathroom sink 
Luxury sink

size : 17’71″x14’17″x5’9″

Brassware appeared in Morocco in the 12th century and became a real specialty from the 14th century which designates the artistic work of copper, brass, silver, lead, tin, tinplate, nickel silver, using various tools. Marrakech and Tiznit is typically the largest regional tradition giving rise to rural handicrafts These fascinating objects made the reputation of Moroccan designers
Made in Marrakech by talented craftsmen, passionate designers, and coppersmith that we have a close relationship with, to guarantee our quality and time limits and making sure that they are of the highest quality goods and provide the best customer service.
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