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Our zellige tables or Moroccan mosaic tables on wrought iron stand are handmade in Fes, according to traditional techniques.

The zellige is a mosaic of artisanal and rustic ceramics of the most beautiful aesthetic effect.

The zellige tables, (or Moroccan table) on wrought iron stand, queens of gardens and terraces, but very comfortable also in a kitchen or living room, rich in their colors, strong in the rusticity of their materials, their artisanal aesthetic, very ethnic, remain a safe bet in all houses or apartments in urban or rural areas.

Fez blue art relies on the beautiful finish and the language life of our table.

That’s why our tables are reinforced with cementum and resin so that they will be both strong and light.

they will be at the heart of your rooms or exteriors for many years, even decades. They are easy to maintain, so easy to live with



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